The DNA SmartMARK™ from Holoptica harnesses the power of the genetic code to provide solutions to the growing worldwide problems of
counterfeiting, forgery and product diversion. The technology employs unique DNA gene segments and other biological markers in
combination with exclusive optical indicators to represent the most effective anti-counterfeiting document protection technology available.

• Instant visual or electronic verification of the security mark via hand held scanners.

• TSecret DNA code – impossible to decipher or duplicate – trillions of codes available – 100 base pairs used in codes

• DNA component is well known by courts as “proof positive” for conviction of counterfeiters

• DNA component is well known by courts as “proof positive” for conviction of counterfeitersIt can be inserted into an inkjet cartridge
and then applied with a regular office printer. The DNA can then be detected on the printed document.

• Sequential numbering may be applied to all applications for additional tracking capabilities

• Distribution of DNA SmartMARKTM, and the DNA Matrix used to make them, is fully controlled, tracked and audited to prevent over-runs and unauthorized applications

• Longevity – Will outlive the document it is applied to

• Used and proven on 100’s of millions of products from Sydney Olympic merchandise to Rugby World Cup, from secure documents to assets, from international Wines to Artwork