• An anti-counterfeiting system that is utilizes microencapsulated polymorphic DNA fragments for the marking of security documents as a biological fingerprint. Complex security barriers make it impossible to replicate by any would-be counterfeiter and also facilitates instant verification of the presence of customer specific DNA with a simple low cost portable device and a Bluetooth enabled mobile device. The device identifies the specific document DNA signature, sending the results to any authorized mobile unit for review.
  • holoFoil

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    These can be supplied in a variety of formats and with numerous proprietary security elements for hot stamping and rotary applications. Containing all the security elements as our high security custom holograms with one big difference – selected metallized parts of the hologram are strategically removed to create partially transparent effect, this gives the hologram added levels of security as well as different aesthetic effects. holoCOMPASSTM Our new patented high security holographic compass feature is specifically designed for simple and immediate authentication and verification without the need for any additional tools.
  • holoNFC

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    holoNFCTM is a unique combination of high security holography and Near Field Communication technology, creating several layers of protection and authentication. The first 3 layers of protection are holographic visual, forensic and machine readable. The fourth layer is our DNA smartMARKTM, counterfeit proof synthetic DNA strands. In combination these multiple layers of protection are impossible to emulate. The fifth layer is the NFC technology, which adds instant authentication, verification and Track & Trace mobile app capabilities.
  • Designed to operate in tandem with our proprietary verification/authentication VTN software and holoTRUETM, or the customer’s own validation software. Full Mobile Track & Trace App A simple and yet very powerful mobile app allows any item marked with the holoQR™ to be instantly verified as an original. Simply scan the holoQR™ with a smartphone, enter the relevant PIN and information about the product is displayed.
  • Offering product information for the retail consumer, as well as in-depth technical data on any item such as automotive/aerosp ace components and pharmaceuticals, the list is endless. Dual Functionality In addition to its ‘smart label’ capabilities IoT smartLABEL offers dual functionality by including a Brand protection system, fully capable of supporting numerous proprietary ‘high-end’ security elements. It is a top solution for any product at a standard label price. Fully Customizable Our VTN software is fully customizable to any particular Brand or situation. The content and data can be displayed according to preferences with additional facilities for customer interaction, such as marketing, promotions and competitions etc.
  • A broad range of uses of Microdot for protection include, security documents, identification documents, but also marking of vehicles, valuables, corporate, public and personal property. What does microdot look like and what sort of a product is it? A miniature metal particle of selectable size ranging from tens of micrometers to over 1mm. Their shape may also be selected as per requirement. Just about any surface can be covered with a wide range of counterfeit proof security elements, including holographic. The surface of microDOT may include ‘engraved’ variable alpha numeric or other codes. Microdot shape The microDOT shape is the first immediate information, which shows the genuineness of the microparticles. microDOT of a bigger size (around the 1mm) can be identified by a human eye.